I find existence increasingly scary. Some people build their own house for shelter and comfort. I make music and hide inside it.

    Jittery Snippets is an attempt at finding the spot where pushiness and timidity intersect. I firmly believe that music can be silly and earnest at the same time.

    Although I never seem to run out of musical ideas or opinions, I have to give some credit for inspiration where it's due. First of all, I find Japanese synthesizers incredibly exhilarating, especially the simpler ones. Secondly, some musicians kept me fueled while I worked on the record. Check out the playlist if you're interested.

    I hope you enjoy Frantic Tiptoeing! I sure had a good time making it.

The EP Frantic Tiptoeing is available on most streaming or download platforms, including Tidal, Spotify, and iTunes / Apple Music. If you're not picky about sound quality you may also enjoy the record right here.